Hedstrom Files

Hedstrom Files

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Kerr Hedstrom Files are ground from Stainless Steel wire. The flute depth increases with the taper, creating a sharper, more flexible instrument



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Hedstrom Files

Hedstrom 25mm Size 15 White, Hedstrom 25mm Size 20 Yellow, Hedstorm 25mm Size 25 Red, Hedstrom 25mm Size 30 Blue, hedstrom 25mm Size 35 Green, Hedstrom 25mm Size 35 Green, Hedstrom 25mm Size 40 Black, Hedstrom 25mm Size 45 White, Hedstrom 25mm Size 50 Yellow, Hedstrom 25mm Size 55 Red, Hedstrom 25mm Size 60 Blue, Hedstrom 25mm Size 65 Blue, Hedstrom 25mm Size 70 Green, Hedstrom 25mm Size 75 Green, Hedstrom 25mm Asst 15/40 P, Hedstrom 25mm Asst 45/80 P, Hedstrom 21mm Size 15 White, Hedstrom 21mm Size 20 Yello, Hedstrom 21mm Size 25 Red, Hedstrom 21mm Size 30 Blue, Hedstrom 21mm Size 35 Green, Hedstrom 21mm Size 40 Black, Hedstrom 21mm Size 45 White, Hedstrom 21mm Size 50 Yellow, Hedstrom 21mm Size 55 Red, Hedstrom 21mm Size 60 Blue, Hedstrom 21mm Size 70 Green, Hedstrom 21mm Asst 45/80 P, Hedstrom 30mm Size 15 White, Hedstrom 30mm Size 20 Yellow, Hedstrom 30mm Size 20 Yellow, Hedstrom 30mm Size 25 Red, Hedstrom 30mm Size 30 Blue, Hedstrom 30mm Size 35 Green, Hedstrom 30mm Size 40 Black, Hedstrom 30mm Size 45 White, Hedstrom 30mm Size 50 Yellow, Hedstrom 30mm Size 55 Red, Hedstrom 30mm Size 60 Blue, Hedstrom 30mm Size 70 Green, Hedstrom 30mm Asst 15/40 P, Hedstrom 30mm Asst 45/80 P


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